3 Steps : How to create website with Google easyly

Friends, now the era of internet is going on. The world is moving forward with smartphones and new technology. Every day millions of people search something or the other on Google. The website is also one of them. When you search for anything on Google, then whatever website you reach and read something there. It is put through some website only.

The place where you are reading this content is also the website. If you also want to make your own Website. And want to earn thousands, lakhs of rupees a month. So you read this post of ours completely. Because we are going to tell you an easy way to create a website.

How to create website with GOOGLE | Make Fast

To build a website mainly two things are needed 1) Hosting 2) Domain name. Friends, when you buy these two. He has to pay the charge.

Note: There is a charge for creating any website. It charges. This charge remains around Rs 5000 INR for 1 year.

Sometimes discount is also available in it. And this is only a discount of 1 to 2 days. Therefore, whenever you are getting hosting at a discount, you should buy it as soon as possible.

Special: When you buy hosting. You get 24×7 support. Still, if you are not able to run the website. So if you want, you can Refund your money in 30 days. Without any hesitation. So don’t worry about your money. Try learning and making your Website work today.

Whatever amount of hosting you buy, it is available with you for that time. And when the time runs out, Kharina reads it again.

So now let’s know how to make a website. Which will be completed in three steps.

“The world that is changing so fast,
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Friends, do not waste time, make your website as soon as possible in this internet world. If you get the offer.

How to create website on google. Three steps for Build

Build a website in three steps.

  1. Buy Hosting
  2. Register the Domain
  3. Install WordPress and Write Posts

1. Buy Hosting

[You keep on following the steps with us. Your money won’t go anywhere, you can get your 100% refund within 30 days. ,

  • Go to Hostinger website. (Check Offer)hostinger hosting primium
  • Scroll down a bit,
  • From there you choose premium web hosting.
  • From that you add premium web hosting to Add to Cart.
  • Here you choose the 12-month plan.
  • Create your Gmail or Google or Facebook account below.
  • Complete the payment through UPI i.e. Google Pay, PhonePe or PayTm.
  • The process of purchasing hosting is complete.

[You can get 24×7 support only after purchasing hosting]

BUY Hosting Link

“Because if not today, then sometime,
Will people ever pay attention,
Keep it up, don’t just stop
Your round will come sometime.”

If you are facing any problem after buying hosting then you can mail or comment us. Well no time will come, be 100% secure!

2. Register the Domain

[Get sport 24×7 anytime when problems arise]

  • You have taken the hosting, the process after that register the domain.
  • For that, login to hostinger with the same Gmail account.
  • And click on the domain option from the top right side menu.
  • Any domain name of your choice, such as (example.com).
  • Register here.
  • Domain registration process also completed.

“Change with the times or learn to change with the times,
Do not curse the compulsions, learn to walk in any case.”

3. Install WordPress and Write Posts

[We and our team are with you, the money invested by you will be returned within 30 days. If you want.]

  • When you register domain with hostinger website.
  • Then you have to click on Hosting option in the top right menu.
  • Here you will find the Auto Install option below.
  • Select WordPress in it.
  • Enter your Dominic Name, User Name and Password.
  • After this you click Install WordPress.
  • After that your website is ready.
  • Login to WordPress to compose your post.
  • For login, type example.com/wp-admin in the browser.
  • Login here with your username and password.
  • After this you write a new post from the post option in the top left side.
  • From here you will be able to make complete settings to control the website.
  • Get your website ready.

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Now you go to hostinger.in. If you get more offers then take advantage. Because don’t miss your golden opportunity.

“Keep on just don’t stop,
Your round will come sometime.”

 • Whatsapp Web Kya Hai…

You have learned how to make a website, hope you have created your website easily. Still, if you are facing any problem then you can contact us or comment.

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