Havells Cooler

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unique array of creative tools with BreatheG TechnologyTM.

Unlike traditional air coolers that operate on a natural cooling system, Havells Air Coolers – with Breathezy Technology TM – feature dust filters on three sides to prevent cracking, dust from entering the cooler, and front-facing louvers.

Anti-bacterial, anti-erosion and anti-deformation honeycomb pads have excellent hydrophilic properties to pacify remaining soil particles and effectively clean the air.

Havells Air comes with a slew of features such as a mosquito repellent water tank, car flow for easy air flow, water, water regulator to control water flow on the pad, heat indicator and much more.

Their robust design and air purification system add to their mileage, making these air conditioners a great sell in summers.

All in all, packed with great features, Havells Air Coolers just can’t be beat when it comes to great features, safety, portability and convenience. Experience and breathe cleaner, more comfortable air with Havells’ multiple air conditioners!